To create a new Page go to Pages and click New:

It will open the page editor where you would need to fill in all relevant tabs. 

1. Content Tab

Fill in all the relevant details:

  • Heading
  • Introduction
  • Content - to add content boxes, click on the 'Add new row with 1-4 columns' and click 'Go'. You will now have content boxes which you can fill with text, images, YouTube videos, etc.

Content on a responsive website is laid out using rows and columns.

The CMS page editor allows you to create as many rows as required with up to 4 columns in each row. This allows you to add content in a structured and meaningful way that is easy for the visitor to read and simple for them to follow.


• Break your content into manageable sections

• Use Headings to separate content sections

• Keep your columns balanced by entering the same amount of text into each one

• You can use a left-hand column for text and a right-hand column for an image.

2. Settings Tab

  • URL - same or similar to the page name
  • CMS Label - how this page will be named in the CMS
  • Menu Label - if you don't fill this in, then a web user won't be able to find this page easily on the frontend!
  • Footer Menu Label (if desired)
  • Parent of this page: 
    • If this page is a parent and has a menu label - it will be shown on the Top Navigation Menu;
    • If this page is a Child of any other page and has a menu label - it will be shown on the Top Navigation Menu in the dropdown under its' parent;
    • If this page is a parent and doesn't have a menu label - it will not show on the Top Navigation Menu.
  • Hero Banner - here you can attach a Hero Banner to be shown on the top of the page. You would need to create it beforehand in the Hero Banner module
  • Gallery - You would need to create it beforehand in the Gallery module

Please follow this link to have a better understanding of page settings.

3. Modules Tab

Add a number to the box to add additional functionality to this page (e.g. Adding a number to 'Google Map' will allow you to have Google Map on this page

4. SEO Tab

This tab is very important as it helps to promote the website with Google

  • Meta Title 
  • Meta Description
  • OG Title, Description and Photo - for when the link is shared on Social Media (e.g. Facebook)

5. Quicklinks Tab

Select any quicklinks you'd like featured on this page

Once all the relevant details are filled in, click on 'Save'.

When the new page has been saved, it needs to be published. To do so, click on the tickbox next to the page name and tehn click Publish.         

Now your new page can be seen on the website.